Susan Brandjord

Owner — President — Interior Designer

When Susan made the decision to begin her interior design business she thought it would be fun to blow peoples minds by naming it Ellie Ann’s.  She is often called Ellie Ann by many which causes her to giggle or Master by Nicole which causes her to roll her eyes.  She is the master of this Notre Dame on the Prairie but, come on Susan is the compassionate, observant creative lead designer of the team.  And if you are curious where the heck Ellie Ann’s came from…it’s a combination of her daughter’s names; Laura Ellen and Juliann.


Nicole Schmidt

Design Consultant

All of my adult life has been about educating others.  I started out teaching elementary children who were Deaf or Hard of Hearing. Then as my career moved along I taught first graders and teachers, as well as, mentoring teachers. Throughout my 21 years in the education field, I learned a lot and have many beautiful memories of the children and teachers who positively impacted my life in ways they will never know.  Now, I am educating in a whole different way.  I am able to positively impact a person’s life in creating home environments that allows the home owner to feel they are living in a beautiful home to come to each night after a long days work.

Just like teaching youngsters, I can help you rethink your home choices by educating you about products, spacial planning, and becoming your resource in all areas from ceiling to floor.  I will also stretch your thinking by showing designs or products you may have never thought of before.

I like working side by side with the homeowner to remodel a whole house/room or new build.  I can help in a sophisticated design to one that is more eclectic by using “junk” finds and antiques incorporated with more modern design elements.

Mitch Schmidt

Installer - Commercial Manager

Are you ready for a change in your home?  I made a different kind of big change in the summer of 2013.  I went from 33 years in the grocery business to working at Ellie Ann’s Interior Designs for my sister-in-law.  I know, scary, right?! 

I specialize in residential and commercial jobs, floor heating systems, building a correct waterproofing system for showers, floor prep materials, measuring, and installation of window coverings.  I can even help with coordinating color choices for the most dramatic effect, as long as you work with the 8-color crayon box.  If it’s more than the 8 basic colors, I am really good at bringing in one of the girls to help pull all those colors together in your new build or remodel.

So, next time you want to put that 4am updating idea into reality, we can help you get the project going. Take your idea to the next step; we will handle your ideas with care along with your product from beginning to end.  We will help you navigate what seems the impossible into reality!