You are the tourist that wants to explore and we are the tour guides on this design journey.  We are a small interior design studio that is on the forward thinking path. You will have an interpreter when you don’t understand the language. And you will have the itinerary to get you thru the project.  There will also be plenty of excitement as you see the wonders of your home unveil itself one adventure at a time.


Remember back in the day (or if you are of the younger generation…imagine) when the family would just all pile into the station wagon for long car trips?  The back seats were down, sleeping bags were thrown in with some games, coloring books, and crayons?  This is the carefree fun experience you can have with this twin sister design team.  Nicole adds the spunk, Susan adds the finesse, which keeps the design journey enjoyable.  We love taking the road less traveled to source the perfect solutions to capture what speaks to your heart and soul.  Interior design solutions that represent you and your family, gift you contentment, which free up time to enjoy your favorite carefree past time.  We can’t think of a better way to describe livable sophistication!


We promise:

  • Through unique techniques, a journey of self discovery that allows you to start thinking of your home differently then you ever have before.  This gives you the experience of a calm mind.

  • We will be there every step of the way of the design process, while we encourage you to tip toe into the waters of change, which may stretch your comfort zone.  This gives you the experience that speaks to your heart and soul.

  • To create for you a home that is your tranquil space that is easy on the eyes, mind, and body.  This give you the experience that speaks kindly to your body.

  • A livable sophisticated lifestyle.   This gives you a journey that embodies all three of our experiences that we promise:  speaks kindly to your body, speaks to your heart and soul, and speaks to calm your mind.