Designer for a Day

Ellie Ann's Interior Design Designer for a Day.jpg

Who Is This For?

  • Homeowner or renter who wants:

    • to make decisions, purchases, and placement quickly and not waste time

    • help in selecting furniture to fit their space and needs.

    • to make smart purchases for the interiors that they have now and in the future

    • help accessorizing and staging a room.

  • OR Homeowner who:

    • wants help with coordinating home remodel selections.


We provide:

  1. A fun, productive day of expert design advice

  2. Lunch on us!

  3. A full day of shopping at local shops and if needed, online.  We really like to support small businesses when we can. Max 6 hours.

You provide:

  1. What your needs are to live better in your space

  2. Priority list so we make sure you feel accomplished at the end of the day

  3. What items are staying in the space

  4. Investment amount you have in mind