Your dream space that is styled to fit your life is possible, and you don’t need to be remodeling or building a new home to get it. Our flexible design packages help us guide you no matter what your home project looks like.



Schedule a free 15 minute chat.

This helps us understand your needs and how we can best serve you.



Starting with a video chat or home chat (or both!), we take a deep look at your project.

Who is this for:

  • Homeowner or renter who:

    • needs professional guidance on how to utilize their space


We provide:

  1. Answers and tons of ideas to get your space styled to fit your life

  2. Our undivided attention

  3. Follow-up report, if applicable

You provide:

  1. A priority list of what you want to accomplish

  2. Investment amount you have in mind

3) All decision makers present, if possible

4) List of items you’d like to keep in the space

5) Inspirational images






Who Is This For?

  • Homeowner or renter who wants:

    • to make decisions, purchases, and placement quickly and not waste time

    • help in selecting furniture to fit their space and needs.

    • to make smart purchases for the interiors that they have now and in the future

    • help accessorizing and staging a room.

  • OR Homeowner who:

    • wants help with coordinating home remodel selections.


We provide:

  1. A fun, productive day of expert design advice

  2. Lunch on us!

  3. A full day of shopping at local shops and if needed, online.  We really like to support small businesses when we can. Max 6 hours.

You provide:

  1. What your needs are to live better in your space

  2. Priority list so we make sure you feel accomplished at the end of the day

  3. What items are staying in the space

4) Investment amount you have in mind




Who Is This For?

  • ~ DIY'er or homeowner who wants:

    • ~professional answers throughout their project.

    • ~Help making selections for their ongoing design project

    • ~to renovate and needs help reconfiguring their space

    • ~floorplans that answer furniture size that works best for their space.

  • Renter who wants:

    • ~Smart choices implemented in their rented space, room by room

~floorplans that answer furniture size that works best for their space.


We provide:

  1. A prepaid block of time filled with rock solid information to move you forward with your project.  Must be used within 3 months.

  2. Correspondence over email and unique project management link that will contain everything pertaining to your project.

  3. Space planning, if applicable

  4. The promise that your space will be styled to fit your life

You provide:

  1. Photos and possibly measurements

  2. Furnishings that you want to keep and incorporate in the design

  3. What your needs are to live better in your space

  4. Investment amount you have in mind for any purchases, if needed




Who Is This For?

  • Homeowner who wants:

    • to build a new home or is ready to improve their existing space with a home renovation.

    • to make informed and confident decisions about their new build or remodel project.

    • to renovate their space and is needing floorplans that fits their needs and dreams.

    • to renovate their kitchen or bathroom and needs help reconfiguring their space

  • New construction that wants:

    • to build their new home and is needing help with floorplans that fit their needs and dreams


We provide:

  1. Correspondence through email and unique project management link that will contain everything pertaining to your project.

  2. 3 renderings of space planning options with a maximum of 3 changes.  Any changes after that, will be charged our hourly rate.

  3. We take measurements, photos, and notes on your project to assist in a successful outcome.

  4. Design plans; floor plans; sourcing hard surfaces, soft surfaces, hardware, fabrics, and furnishings.

  5. Manage ordering and tracking of materials when applicable

  6. Chat with contractors about your project

  7. On site meetings

  8. Style and finish options for products

  9. We can see the big picture and break your project down into smaller, less overwhelming segments for you to confidently make informed decisions.

You provide:

  1. Your results from the Discover Your Style Quiz

  2. Images and/or items to convey your thoughts and ideas effectively to the designer

  3. Any furnishings that are staying to incorporate into new space

  4. All decision makers involved in the project

  5. Discuss level of investment you think makes sense to put into this project with all parties involved.



Vision Board Workshop

Not ready to hire a designer? Our Vision Board Workshop is for you. You can attend an in-person workshop or get access to our online version.

Men and women of all stages of life have something to gain from attending.

Who is This For?

  • The person (or couple) who is:

    • ready to build a new home, buy a new home, or renovate their home.

    • wants to make their existing space styled to fit their life.

    • wanting to make a space of their own with a She Shed or Man Cave.

    • at different stages of their life and are wanting to adapt their space to fit their new needs.  

  • The renter or student who wants to:

    • make smart decisions for now and the future.

    • create a dorm room that feels like home.

  • The homeowner who:

    • isn’t in their forever home but wants to make it more welcoming with smart decisions that can be applied in their future home.


We provide:

  1. Complimentary, catered lunch

  2. All materials needed to complete your Vision Board (Live Version)

  3. Clarity in what is most important to you

  4. Discovery of what may be holding you back

  5. Techniques to identify what’s meaningful for your home and your life

  6. Resources

  7. Time to complete your Vision Board before end of workshop

You provide:

  1. Complete homework before live Vision Board Workshop.  You will receive your homework via email once your payment is processed.

  2. Supply any materials that you would find helpful in completing your vision board (pictures, paint chips, material, etc.)

  3. Supply laptop if you have saved images on Pinterest, Houzz, etc.