Embrace your Coastal Style

Coastal style is one of the fastest growing decorating styles, and its decor reaches far inland. Rooms decorated in the coastal style have a love of ocean hues and sun-bleached white, an incorporation of natural materials and fabrics, and a celebration of natural light.

Coastal Mood Board-01.png

Love of Ocean Hues

Sun Bleached White

Natural Materials and Fabrics

Natural Light

Cool Summer Air

Swiss Family Robinson


The Other Woman

Something’s Gotta Give

The Perfect Storm

There’s Something About Mary

50 First Dates

Swiss Family Robinson by Johann D Wyss

The Beach House by Mary Alice Monral

Beach Girls by LuAnne Rice

Beach Colors: A Novel by Shelley Noble


Scents of Ocean and Sea Salt



Long Island Teas



pg. 45 of Gone With the Gin Cocktails with a Hollywood Twist by Tim Federle

2 ounces mescal

1-1/2 ounces Aperol

3 drops salt water (mix ½ teaspoon of salt into ¼ cup warm water)

4 ounces tonic water


Combine the mescal, honey, and Aperol with ice in a shaker and shake well.  In lieu of an actual iceberg, strain over ice in a Collins glass and add the salt water.  Top with the tonic water.