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A Tranquil Retreat

By Nicole Schmidt, Ellie Ann's Interior Design

Photography by Ockhardt Photo

For this project, the homeowner wanted a tranquil retreat that also made a statement for her main bathroom.  She wanted to open up the space by switching out her bath/shower design for a walk-in shower. We had to work with the blueprint of the former bathroom and existing vanity.  In an effort to update the vanity, we added new-brushed bronze hardware from Etsy, Eternia Sandgate quartz countertop, undermount sink, and new-brushed bronze Delta Cassidy faucet.  Above the vanity, we used her existing oval mirrors and replaced the lighting fixtures to Bentley sconces from Antiques Hardware to add sophistication to the space. An accent wall in Sherwin Williams “Color of the Year” Poised Taupe and Sherwin Williams Plymouth Rock paint was used to enhance the beauty of the Maniscalco Opera Line Chevron Gray Stone, Bronze, Cloud Blend Stratos Avario mosaic.  Focusing also on the appeal to personal comfort rather than solely aesthetic appeal and design, heat was added to both the shower and the bathroom porcelain tile floors to add warmth during the cold North Dakota winters.


There were some challenges related to this project, as there is whenever you take on a home modification.  These were easily taken care of between the homeowner, carpenter, and designer. The shower did not have a basement underneath, so the structure and insulation needed to be enhanced to accommodate the weight of a tiled shower rather than a bathtub/shower surround.  Also, the wall outside the shower needed additional work to aid the installation of tile and the glass front of the shower. The vanity base was repurposed to cut costs, which provided the challenge of avoiding an aged appearance to the updated look we were trying to accomplish.  In order to have the vanity look as if were new, we changed out the hardware, added the quartz countertop with a new sink and faucet. To top it off, creative work done by the carpenter, who is a craftsman in his own right, repurposed the configuration of the vanity to the client’s wishes.  Another challenge was the presence of a window inside the shower. We had to find a coordinating tile crown molding that could work as the window trim due to the water. The client fell in love with the Manniscalo Opera Chevron mosaic. In order to use the mosaic tile in a cost effective way without losing the powerful statement the mosaic would have in the space, it was strategically placed on either side of window and framed out the showerhead and cubby.  The mosaic was placed in a different direction above the counter top to add extra visual interest. The client had 70’s-era chain linked droplights that did not fit the “Swanky Spa” feel. An electrician added a third socket in order for us to place three glamorous sconces next to the mirrors.


When everyone is able to work together gracefully, beautiful things are bound to happen, just as it did for this glamorous ending for this client’s bathroom.


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