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The Story of the Craft Room

By Nicole Schmidt, Ellie Ann's Interior Design

Photography by Ockhardt Photo


I love scrapbooking, making cards, and re-purposing the old into new gems; so when a client came in asking for a craft room design, I was in heaven! The homeowner wanted a mature craft room with a feminine flare. She is an avid quilter and knitter-tons of useable storage was a must. As each craft has its own specific needs for storage and necessary level of accessibility, it was important to really understand how she wanted to work in the room. The client wanted two sewing stations at a minimum. With quilting, the countertop had to be wider than a typical countertop. The homeowner had a freestanding sewing machine, which she also wanted to be able to pull into the space when needed. Other important aspects she wanted to incorporate were stain glass details on the closet door in remembrance of her brother who had done stain glass work, a rocker from her grandmother, and a china hutch from her mother. To top off her personalized craft room, the client desired a crystal chandelier while using a color palate of white, gray, and various shades in pink.

So that I could understand how the client wanted to work in this space, many questions were asked, as each craft has it’s unique needs. As the needs were identified, it was decided to do a combination of 25”, 32” and 38” deep countertops installed to accommodate sewing and piecing together quilts. We also used a combination of 30” and 36” base cabinet heights. Another unique element was having her sewing machine recessed into the countertop so it was all level when sewing her quilts. We made basically 3 zones to her craft room. One for storage and crafting, second leaving a 10’6” wall space open for her to display her quilts and easily switch them out with the seasons, and a reading nook area using her beloved rocker and hutch in this area.

This room showcases how you can have a functional space and personal style blended together to make an exceptionally beautiful room. I can’t wait to see all the amazing quilts that will be created in this space!


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