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The Story of the Keyhole Bathroom

By Susan Brandjord, Ellie Ann's Interior Design

Photography by Ockhardt Photo


This homeowner came to us for assistance in the middle of converting their garage into a living space. It was basically going to become a new mudroom area, entrance area, His room; which means TV room, Her room; which means Craft Room, and a full bath.

The challenge was that we basically had to work with what had already been started as the plumbing was already in the cement floor. Within this challenge came a full bath that you would never guess has a very odd shape for its footprint. Plus the small size that had to be worked with to incorporate all the wants the homeowner was after without it feeling crowded. Since this was going to act as the Powder Room for any guests that visited the home; I took the approach of drama. I told the homeowner if we treat this full bath like a beautiful jewelry box that makes you go “Ah” when you open the door like lifting the lid off a jewelry box that contains precious jewels, no one is going to notice its small size or its odd shape. So how did we accomplish this daunting task? We incorporated the walk-in shower in the odd kite-like formation on the one end of the bathroom. Because of the tight space, I came up with a unique key hole entry into the walk in shower so that it could help contain the shower water for the functional need and on the aesthetic need mesmerize you with the unique shape so that it blurred the lines of the odd shaped shower and to make the space feel larger.

These same curves from the keyhole entrance were incorporated into the floating vanity. By floating the vanity and having it run from shower to toilet wall with the sides set back to a narrower depth allowed the line to flow continuously to keep the eye moving without stopping. It also gave us space for standard depth for the sink area of the vanity but shallower storage area by the shower and toilet as there wasn’t room to keep it all at standard vanity depth. By doing this, the curve of the Keyhole shower opening was also represented in the Cambria Galloway countertop as it curves from sink to sides gracefully connect that design aesthetic gracefully. Next, there were upper cabinets that were applied from ceiling to countertop flanking the sink with antique mirror behind the mullions that continue the arch detail from the keyhole entrance of the walk in shower. I love incorporating antique mirror as it is already “smudged” so it makes for easier cleaning, gives reflection, and gives the illusion of a larger space. Once all of these details came together; the end result is dramatic with complete connection from shower wall to toilet wall. All you see is the beautiful details that have functioned very well for the homeowners needs.

The homeowner’s grandson has named the Keyhole Bathroom HIS room as he
thinks it’s pretty amazing! I can’t think of a better compliment then having the
homeowner share this story with a smile on her face.


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