How To Add Color In Your Home | North Dakota Interior Design | Ellie Ann's Interior Design

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Color can be a tricky thing? You might ask, "When is it too much or too little?" You know what... It really is up to you! It is your home and you should design and decorate how you would like.

Incorporate color with painted walls, furnishings, and decor. Mix and match color and print. Adding textures makes a home unique. If you're at a loss, let one of our designers lead you in the right direction.

Ellie Ann's Interior Design has listed different colors every month. Make sure to check it out and see how you can mix it in your home.


  • Focus Color: Sherwin Williams SW0034 Roycroft Rose

    • Supporting Colors: BJM 2112-50 Stormy Monday

    • BJM 2107-50 Sandlot Gray


  • Focus Color: BJM 2117-30 Shadow

    • Supporting Colors: BJM 2114-40 Wet Concrete

    • BJM 2113-40 Cinnamon Slate

    • BJM Affinity AF-680 Wish


  • Focus Color: Sherwin Williams SW6606 Coral Reef

    • Supporting Colors: Sherwin Williams SW6683 Bee

    • Sherwin Williams SW9138 Stardew

    • Sherwin Williams SW6224 Mountain Air