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“Dear Susan,

I wanted to send a note to you to tell you how much I really liked your showroom and your staff. As a manufacture I see showrooms all over the USA and there are very few that impress me as I have been on the road now for over 15 years. I was really taken back by the layout and all the details that you have put into your showroom that will, and I am sure have, made it a great and very pleasant shopping experience for your clients. Your staff also is very enthusiastic to learn about trends and new products and how to explain them to consumers. I feel that in this market, that is critical, as there are so many options for them and also for you as an owner. Most stores are full of order takers and not sales/educators for the consumer. It is more of a “ get the consumer to buy before they get out the door” mentality. I do not feel that at your place. The education and time you spend and show such individuality to your clients, was really amazing. I also loved the store and all the easels and story boards you have set up for the consumer to see. This is critical in today’s consumer market. As I see it they all just want attention and guidance. If I ever open a store in the Atlanta market, I would love to model it after yours.”

- Jim Cook, Somerset Wood Rep

“Ellie Ann's Interior Design is the best firm to help any clients renovating and remodeling their homes. The staff gives quality service and their knowledge of resources of materials are excellent and very professional! I highly recommend it! Their showrooms will provide displays to give customers visuals for their projects.”

- Elma Severson, Client




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